1. So how exactly can you help me?

We help you prepare for programming interviews, quickly and effectively, at a fraction of the market cost.

There are three ways we can help you: bootcamps, mock interviews and interview prep consultation.

Bootcamps help you develop the skills to crack coding interviews. Every bootcamp also includes a free mock interview.

Mock interviews, which closely resemble the coding interviews at top companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Uber etc, help you understand your strengths and areas of improvement.

Interview prep consultations help you understand the process of preparing for interviews and clarify any questions you may have.

2. Why do I need to take your help for programming interviews?

First, Interview preparation is a gruelling and frustrating process. By attending our bootcamp, you will develop the technical, problem solving and tactical skills that will help you channel your time and energy in strategic preparation for the most competetive interviews instead of going around in circles.

Second, in almost every company in the Bay Area, your seniority level, compensation and negotiating power is contingent on your interview performance. Doesn't it make sense to do your best to prepare for the interview?

Third, your academic qualification and professional experience have almost no co-relation with interview performance.

Lastly, even if the bootcamp decreases your interview preparation time and gets you to your new job (and payhike) by a mere two weeks earlier, the cost of the bootcamp has paid for itself.

3. What is the duration of the bootcamp?

The bootcamp is two weekends long. It is divided into two parts, basic and advanced. Each part is held over a weekend (both Saturday and Sunday).

4. What will be the focus of the bootcamp?

Our primary focus will be brushing up technical concepts on core programming interview topics including recursion, dynamic programming and design questions, identifying problem solving patterns that will help you quickly formulate a solution, and developing skills to write error free code under pressure.

We will also touch upon behavioral questions and offer negotiation strategies exclusive to software engineering interviews.

5. What is the cost of the boot camp?

The Basic and Advanced workshop each cost $399.

Many of our past attendees have been able to get the boot camp fee tax exempted, typically decreasing the cost by a third. Some have even gotten the cost reimbursed in full by their employer. Drop us an email to know more.

Lastly, don't forget that even if we get your next job, payhike (notwithstanding that, thanks to the bootcamp, you can expect a higher pay hike due to your better interview performance and strategic negotiation) a mere two weeks sooner, the cost of the bootcamp has paid for itself.

6. Can I just get a mock interview?

Yes, absolutely! Mock interviews cost $75.

7. What if I am not preparing for top tech companies like Google or Facebook?

As mentioned earlier, the reputation of companies that you get offers from, and your salary, seniority level and negotiating power is all contingent on how you do in the white board interview. Isn't this enough reason to prepare for programming interviews?

8. What if I think the bootcamp was not worth my money?

We don’t want your money if we can’t help you. Despite the incredibly low cost, we are happy to refund you the entire cost of the workshop if we were not able to help you in spite of our and your best efforts. Drop us an email for terms and conditions.

9. Will you help us after the boot-camp?

Of course! We are here to help you, whether you run into a tough interview question or need help negotiating an offer.